Dance troupe

A dance troupe has to know the choreography, so together they make a great show. Similarly micro-services as dancers on a stage (Kubernetes) are instructed by their choreographers (DevOps engineers) about how to interact with each other.

My story is about building a multi-tenant Kubernetes environment that facilitates various DevOps teams (tenants) with their own Kubernetes namespace and private container registry (Harbor v2.1.0) with Single Sign On (Keycloak v10.0.0) and service mesh (Istio 1.6.14) included.

Harbor fat but versatile container registry

Harbor provides container image registry, vulnerability scanning, container image signature and validation and OIDC based authentication and authorization. …

A client connects to application through a cloud

Have you ever thought about how the HTTP request ends up in the Kubernetes cluster? This story is about packets traversal through the Google Cloud Platform and the Kubernetes cluster.


During my experiments with Google Cloud Platform (GCP), I have deployed a Kubernetes cluster with one service. Next, I exposed the service by setting up an Ingress resource. Everything went perfectly according to the instruction — I was able to communicate with my webpage via public IP address. Then, I asked myself: “do you really understand how does it work?”. The negative answer forced me to start digging into the…

Jehoszafat is a passionate software and cloud engineer. He is a big fan of Kubernetes and OpenStack projects.

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